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What is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?
Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is an herbaceous oil cold pressed from hemp seeds and has long been recognised for its use as a food and beauty ingredient. The use of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in skincare products has grown in popularity over the last few years as a result of an increasing consumer interest in using the power of plants in skincare formulations. This naturally green oil is composed of up to 90% omega fatty acids. Unlike CBD oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is mainly found in skincare products thanks to its powerful hydrating properties and abundant antioxidants.

Is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Legal?
Since Hemp is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is completely non-psychoactive and legal.


What are the benefits of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?
Stress is often an inevitable part of everyday life and can affect the skin in many different ways - accelerated visible signs of ageing, dehydration, irritation, dullness and uneven skin tone and texture. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil tackles the signs of stressed skin, by calming, soothing and reducing the appearance of redness . Like every other organ in the body, the skin has its essential needs for optimal health and beauty. The most important two ingredients that a skincare product can contain are essential fatty acids and vitamin E. In nature Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil contains a balanced concentration of omega 3 and omega 6.

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